Dr Urszula Carr



About Dr Urszula Carr

After completing her undergraduate medical training in Poland, Dr Urszula Carr moved to the United Kingdom to undertake her Postgraduate studies at the University of Leeds. She was awarded her PhD degree in 2000 before beginning her training in Histopathology at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Ipswich Hospital. After completing her pathology training in 2007, Urszula served as a Consultant Pathologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. In 2009, Urszula was recruited from the UK to the Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia in Sydney to support the work of Professor Steven Kossard.

Urszula regularly attends and presents at national and international dermatopathology conferences. She has a keen interest in education and medical research; providing weekly teaching sessions to dermatology registrars at the Skin and Cancer Foundation. Urszula also demonstrates in Pathology to medical students of the University of Cambridge and is currently working on the development of the New Undergraduate Medical Core Curriculum at the University of Leeds. Urszula’s PhD thesis was on “Control of Normal and Malignant Urothelial Cell Survival by the TNF Superfamily.” She’s also completed a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Leeds and published her work in the Journal of International Cancer Institute and Journal of Clinical Pathology and Clinical Medicine.