Kossard Surgical Skin Audit

The Kossard Surgical Skin Audit has been created for Doctors who have an interest in skin pathology and refer histology to Kossard Dermatopathologists. 

Audit features

This audit allows doctors to conduct a systematic review of their clinical practice; assessing identification processes, detection rates, and diagnostic and histological accuracy and treatment rates in the practice setting. 

Doctors can assess their practice and detection of histological and provisional diagnosis against peers in a confidential setting. They can do this via graphical and statistical information generated from all registered participants. This information can then be used to inform and improve surgical practice. Ultimately, the goal is to provide superior quality of care for patients. 

Some features and data included in the report include:

  • Histological and provisional diagnosis
  • Number of new and previously biopsied specimens in audit
  • Diagnostic accuracy for lesion types 
  • Definitive management and number of procedures performed
  • Margin clearance

All doctors will receive their report at the frequency they requested when they first registered for the audit.

Doctors must use the dedicated Surgical Skin Audit Request forms with the reverse completed for specimens to be included in your data report.


Kossard Surgical Skin Audit Registration Form

Kossard Surgical Skin Request Form


To register for the Kossard Surgical Skin Audit, please complete the audit registration form and email us here. Once we have processed your registration you wil receive surgical Skin Audit Request forms.

Please note: Both sides of the Surgical Skin Audit Request froms must be completed to ensure that all specimens are included in your audit data.

Education Points

Eligible general practitioners with a current RACGP QI&CPD number may attain 40 Category 1 points by participating in the Kossard Surgical Skin Audit. Kossard Dermatopathologists has been approved by ACRRM for 30 PRPD Points.